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Genesis Block’s mission is to realize the disruptive potential of blockchain
and foster its growth and adoption in every aspect of life.

Genesis Block provides strategic business and regulatory advisory, financial services, and technology solutions to companies seeking to leverage blockchain technology in their core business and capital strategy. Our mission is to realize the disruptive potential of blockchain and foster its growth and adoption in every aspect of life.


Strategic and regulatory advisory to help you leverage blockchain technology in your core business and capital strategy
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Financial Services

Digital asset financial services through our broker-dealer affiliate for compliance with U.S. securities laws
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DApp solutions and custom development services to unlock the power of blockchain technology in your company
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Top News

AxiomLevel Technologies Launches Investor Onboarding Platform

Congratulations to our technology affiliate, AxiomLevel Technologies, on their launch of an Investor Onboarding Platform, a comprehensive solution for investor registration, verification and management. AxiomLevel’s platform is one of the first to integrate regulatory compliant Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Accredited Investor verification with a global whitelisting solution for digital wallets. Read more

AxiomLevel Technologies

Will AxiomLevel’s New Investor Onboarding Platform Open the Floodgates to Crypto Investing?

“The slow trickle of traditional investment into the crypto market may turn into a flood if a new platform launched by blockchain services provider AxiomLevel Technologies makes its desired impact,” reports Jimmy Aki in Bitcoin Magazine. Aki goes on to discuss the groundbreaking potential of the new platform, stating, “AxiomLevel wants to accelerate adoption [of the crypto market] by clearing up the regulatory fog for traditional investors and encouraging the space to submit to regulations more readily.” Read more

Looking for Liquidity?

Blockchain projects often find themselves with a substantial supply of BTC, ETH and BCH, but with few (if any) straightforward and cost-effective options for liquidity. If this sounds familiar, our broker-dealer affiliate can help. Learn more

Helping blockchain projects find liquidyt

4 Reasons to Tokenize Equity

So you need to raise capital, and you’re thinking of going digital. You’re not alone. Security token offerings take all that is good about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and wrap it up in a regulated package that is compliant with securities regulations and laws. “Tokenization of equity is poised to disrupt the world of traditional finance, and what we’re seeing now may very well be the beginning of how capital will be raised in the future,” says Genesis Block co-founder Lee Schneider. Read on

GB Capital Markets and MLG Blockchain Form Joint Venture

Congratulations to GB Capital Markets LLC, the parent company of our FINRA-registered broker-dealer affiliate, on their new strategic collaboration with MLG Blockchain. The two companies have partnered to bring together token issuers and accredited investors for investment in SEC compliant offerings. Read more

GB Capital Markets Joins Forces With BlockEx

Genesis Block is pleased to announce a new strategic collaboration between our broker-dealer affiliate, GB Capital Markets Inc., and BlockEx, a digital asset exchange provider for institutional-grade financial markets participants. The two companies have joined forces to provide issuers with access to the BlockExMarkets.com exchange platform in order to accept U.S. institutional customers in a compliant manner ...   Read more

More News & Events

This Week

Aug 23-24, 2018
Global Legal Forum
The Hague, The Netherlands

Genesis Block co-founder Lee Schneider will be joining the Global Legal Forum’s inaugural conference to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by technology advancement, including blockchain and AI, in the global legal sector.

Upcoming Events

Sep 22-23, 2018
EOS Global Hackathon
London, England

Genesis Block co-founder Lee Schneider will be one of the judges at the EOS Global Hackathon. The event is part of a series that is designed to find and give a platform to the most visionary architects of decentralization out there and put the best applications under the spotlight.

Blockchain Live
London, England

Genesis Block co-founder Lee Schneider will speaking at Blockchain Live, a one-day exhibition that brings together the biggest innovators, influencers and investors in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Expect lively discussion and debate on issues such as regulation, standardization, the future of a blockchain-enabled world, and how business should seek to operate within it.

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In the second installment of our discussion with Business Insider reporter Frank Chaparro, Genesis Block co-founder Lee Schneider and his co-host, former SEC Commisioner Troy Paredes, explore the challenge of finding talent in an industry that’s evolving so quickly, how crypto has caught the public's imagination, and whether crypto is here to stay. Listen in

All Things Crypto

Business Insider reporter Frank Chaparro joins Lee and Troy to talk all things crypto — big banks getting into the crypto space, when we might see a crypto ETF, how crypto is becoming more accessible, and the importance of keeping the long-view in mind. Listen in

“What the Internet was for information, the blockchain is for transferring value”

In the second installment of our discussion with Michael Oved of AirSwap, Lee and Troy explore the role of security and trust in shaping the future of blockchain, plus how this technology may be just as big as the Internet. Listen in

Trading in Crypto

Lee and Troy speak with AirSwap co-founder Michael Oved about smart contracts, the future of (decentralized) trading, and the beauty of simplicity in technology. Listen in

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