The strongest link in your blockchain

Genesis Block’s mission is to realize the disruptive potential of blockchain
and foster its growth and adoption in every aspect of life.

Genesis Block is a venture production studio focused on developing decentralized protocols, infrastructure, and applications leveraging blockchain technology. Through in-house innovation, vertical partnerships, and strategic investments, Genesis Block accelerates the disruptive potential of blockchain and fosters its growth and adoption across every aspect of our lives.

Genesis Block works with visionary entrepreneurs and industry-leading companies. Genesis Block can help you unlock the potential of blockchain in your core technology and/or capital strategy, and optimize your business to drive fundraising, revenue, and ecosystem adoption.

Regulatory Advisory

A successful token launch requires a clear understanding of potential regulatory risks and requirements. Genesis Block’s best-in-class team combines deep experience in and knowledge of the relevant regulatory issues with the insight, advice, and guidance needed to navigate the regulatory environment and execute a successful launch.

Strategic Advisory

Genesis Block offers best-in-class strategic business advisory to early-stage blockchain projects. We help you envision, prioritize, and maximize the value of integrating blockchain technology into your fundraising strategy and/or core business, and launch that technology across your targeted domain. We work with you to design and optimize your blockchain implementation and crypto-economic token design, raise proceeds, build ecosystem revenue, and ensure product adoption. We help you target the value proposition of your blockchain technology and effectively communicate that vision to customers, the crypto community, press, and the overall market.

Technology & Development

Genesis Block assists companies in accelerating the development of decentralized applications, protocols, and infrastructure. Our team of seasoned blockchain developers will work closely with you to architect, scope, develop, test, audit, and deploy targeted blockchain solutions. Genesis Block’s domain expertise across a number of sectors — including healthcare, FinTech, mobile, entertainment, and cloud computing — enables us to deliver tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business and seamlessly integrate blockchain into your core platform.

Public Relations & Marketing

Genesis Block has a network of seasoned PR & marketing professionals across a range of verticals, including cryptocurrencies, digital advertising, consumer internet, e-commerce, cloud computing, financial services, healthcare, and lifestyle. Genesis Block will assess and tailor a communications strategy to elevate your business profile within your desired market, build awareness for your token launch or fundraising, and accelerate adoption of your blockchain solution across your targeted domain.