ETHDenver Hackathon + Workshops
Denver, CO

Dan Jones at ETHDenver

ETHDenver was a fantastic conference that highlighted many of the current trends in the blockchain space. Big thanks to the Colorado Blockchain group and the other organizers for putting together this event and highlighting the great blockchain community we have in Colorado. With the hackathon and the slate of speakers and panelists, important topics emerged, which will be worth considering going forward:

  • Wallet security and recovery: Balancing the questions of security vs. recoverability is something that all crypto holders have faced. One of the top products that came out of the hackathon was KeySplit, a utility that allows you to “shard” your seed phrase into several different pieces. The pieces can then be distributed among friends, and 3 of the 5 shards are required to recover the wallet. This allows you to safely keep a distributed copy of your seed phrase without giving enough to any one person such that they could access your wallet.
  • Non-fungible (ERC-721) tokens: Typical crypto tokens are entirely fungible. Ethereum allows for creation of fungible tokens by using the ERC-721 framework. The best known use case for this token type to this point is probably CryptoKitties. There was a lot of focus on these tokens during the hackathon, and I expect we will see people coming up with novel new use cases for these tokens.
  • New people are coming all the time: During the hackathon, developers produced several tools with the goal of teaching Solidity to inexperienced developers. Beyond the software side, presenters touched on the importance of keeping in mind the spectrum of experience we see, with special attention paid to helping newbies flourish. And many of the people I spoke with at the conference are new to the space but eager to learn more. It’s always exciting to have a growing, supportive community!

~ Dan Jones
Strategic Advisory Manager

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