Emerging Tech within the Blockchain Space

Raleigh Harbour at Above Blockchain Crypto Conference

Genesis Block co-founder Raleigh Harbour (far right) moderated a panel discussion on Emerging Tech within the Blockchain Space at the Above Blockchain Crypto Conference hosted by Blockchain Beach in Los Angeles. He was joined (left to right) by: Justin Wu of CoinCircle, Taylor Monahan of My Crypto, Jason Robert of Hello Sugoi, Steve Stewart of Vezt and Ray Podder of FYL (Free Your Life).

Hot topics included:

  • What industry has the most potential to be the most disrupted by distributed ledger technology (DLT), e.g., blockchain?
  • How will the entertainment industry and original content (music, film, etc.) be disrupted by blockchain technology? Can blockchain fix some of the broken economics and bring power back to the content creator?
  • One of the most exciting aspects of blockchain technology is the ability to tokenize assets (financial assets, physical assets, intellectual property, identity), and provide access to and transfer the value of those assets using a digital wallet and a distributed, immutable ledger. What innovations need to take place to make that happen? What’s the core infrastructure or decentralized application (DApp) that will bring that to the mainstream?
  • The original promise of token launches (before they were called ICOs) was to bring investment to cool, innovative technologies in the blockchain space — projects that maybe couldn’t get investment from traditional VC sources (e.g., because they were too forward looking or the commercial application wasn’t clear). Now that ICOs have “hit mainstream,” has that been lost? How do we evaluate deals and strike a balance between innovation and commercialization?
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger technology are both emerging sectors. Every blockchain project seems to have the words “Artificial Intelligence” in their whitepaper. How do these two areas truly converge in the most impactful way? What projects are leaders bringing the best of those two worlds together?
  • What crypto projects are the most exciting because they are doing something really innovative?
  • What projects are out there related to the convergence of DLT with sectors like biotechnology and nanotechnology?
  • How quickly do we reach a truly decentralized ecosystem?

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