MintHealth and Polymath Partner to Issue the MintHealth Security Token

Congratulations to our advisory client MintHealth and partner company Polymath on their new partnership to bring the MintHealth Security Token (MHST) to market.

MintHealth is a healthcare company utilizing blockchain technology to combat the worldwide epidemic of chronic disease through patient empowerment, improved clinical outcomes, and lower healthcare costs.

Polymath launched the first security token platform that enables the creation, issuance and trading of financial instruments on the blockchain. Polymath’s mission is to help issue security tokens in a safe and regulated manner while reducing the challenges associated with traditional capital markets (e.g., exorbitant fees, long settlement delays, limited market hours).

The MHST token will be configured, launched and managed on the Polymath platform, which will enable MintHealth to rapidly launch MHST by encompassing all the “back office,” administrative and governance functions that otherwise would need to be established internally. Additionally, MHST will be traded 24/7 without the need for intermediaries or centralized controlling functions.

“At Genesis Block, we work with a number of promising companies looking to realize the benefits of tokenizing their capital structure,” says Genesis Block co-founder Raleigh Harbour. “MintHealth is bringing a unique blend of innovation — in both their core blockchain solution and their forward-leaning approach to raising funds — to the healthcare space. Polymath is the perfect platform for MintHealth to capitalize on the growing market for security tokens.” Learn more

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