Women Leading Series:
Leaders in Blockchain

Genesis Block and AirSwap Join Forces on Digital Securities

If you’re wondering where all the women in blockchain are, look no further than Shearman & Sterling’s Women Leading Series: Leaders in Blockchain panel discussion, where Genesis Block general counsel Cathy Yoon was joined by Emma Channing of Satis Group, Wendy Callaghan of AIG, Joyce Lai of Consensys, and Joshua Klayman of Klayman LLC. “It was a tremendous pleasure and honor to be on stage with a powerhouse group of women leaders in the blockchain space,” says Cathy. “The panel touched on a broad range of topics, including: the foundational aspect of blockchain technology; the current regulatory and political climate worldwide regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies; breaking down the hype and giving a real look at the current market through cold hard numbers; and discussing recent developments in blockchain technology, including its wide-ranging impact and its evolving legal and regulatory landscape.”

Key takeaways:

  • There is a lot of interest in blockchain out there, especially among women. Blockchain is growing and there is a place for everyone who is truly interested in seeking out those opportunities and helping to foster growth in the space.
  • People are interested in looking beyond the hype and digging deeper into the potential of the technology.
  • There is concern that without more informed and well-thought-out guidance or laws from governments and regulators, uncertainty from a political and regulatory perspective will cause projects/companies to innovate and create outside of the U.S., especially in those jurisdictions where there is an explicit effort to understand and encourage emerging technologies and new ways of fundraising.

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